list of emrs schools in mp

264 Madhya Pradesh Anuppur Jaitahari Barbaspur EMRS Anuppur 2000-01 Functional
265 Madhya Pradesh Barwani Barwani Barwani Khurd EMRS Barwani 2000-01 Functional
266 Madhya Pradesh Betul Shahpur Shahpur EMRS Shahpur 2000-01 Functional
267 Madhya Pradesh Dhar Kukshi Kukshi EMRS Kukshi 2000-01 Functional
No. State District Block/ Taluka Village/ Habitation Name of the School Year of
sanction Status
list of emrs schools in mp
(as on 22.02.2021)
268 Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Thandla Agral EMRS Thandla Agral 2000-01 Functional
269 Madhya Pradesh Mandla Bichhiya Sijhaura EMRS Sijhora 2000-01 Functional
270 Madhya Pradesh Ratlam Sailana Sailana EMRS Sailana 2000-01 Functional
271 Madhya Pradesh Seoni Ghansaur Ghansaur EMRS Ghansore 2000-01 Functional
272 Madhya Pradesh Dindori Dindori Dindori EMRS Dindori 2005-06 Functional
273 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Jamai Junnardev EMRS Junnardev 2005-06 Functional
274 Madhya Pradesh Sidhi Kusmi Tansar EMRS Tansar 2005-06 Functional
275 Madhya Pradesh Umaria Pali Pali EMRS Pali 2005-06 Functional
276 Madhya Pradesh Guna Guna Guna EMRS (PTG) Guna 2007-08 Functional
277 Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore Rural Morod EMRS (PTG) Indore 2008-09 Functional
278 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur Rampur Chhapar EMRS (PTG) Jabalpur 2008-09 Functional
279 Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur Sondwa Sondwa EMRS Sondwa 2010-11 Functional
280 Madhya Pradesh Balaghat Paraswada Paraswada EMRS Ukwa 2010-11 Functional
281 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Bichhua Singardip EMRS Singardip 2010-11 Functional
282 Madhya Pradesh Hoshangabad Kesla Kesla EMRS Kesala 2010-11 Functional
283 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur NaraiNala EMRS Narainala 2010-11 Functional
284 Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Ranapur Mardundiya EMRS Mordundiya 2010-11 Functional
285 Madhya Pradesh Khandwa Khalwa Khalwa EMRS Khalwa 2010-11 Functional
286 Madhya Pradesh Shahdol Sohagpur Sohagpur EMRS Sohagpur 2010-11 Functional
287 Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur Bhabra Chandrasekhar Azad Nagar EMRS Sejawada 2014-15 Functional
288 Madhya Pradesh Barwani Sendhawa Sendhawa EMRS Sendhwa 2014-15 Functional
289 Madhya Pradesh Sehore Budni Banspur EMRS Budhni 2014-15 Functional
290 Madhya Pradesh Dhar Dhar Gardawad EMRS Gardawad 2014-15 Functional
291 Madhya Pradesh Satna Maihar Arkandi (Mehar) EMRS Arkani 2014-15 Functional
292 Madhya Pradesh Satna Majhgawan Chitrakoot EMRS Chitrakoot 2015-16 Functional
293 Madhya Pradesh Khargone Khargone Khargone EMRS Khargone 2015-16 Functional
294 Madhya Pradesh Mandla Mandla Mandla EMRS Mandla 2015-16 Functional
295 Madhya Pradesh Singrauli Deosar Bargawan EMRS Singrauli 2015-16 Functional
296 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Harrai Harrai EMRS Harrai 2018-19 Functional
297 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Tamia Tamia EMRS Tamia 2018-19 Functional
298 Madhya Pradesh Dindori Shahpura Pipradi EMRS Shahpura 2018-19 Functional
299 Madhya Pradesh Alirajpur Alirajpur Alirajpur EMRS Alirajpur 2019-20 Functional
300 Madhya Pradesh Barwani Rajpur Narwla EMRS Rajpur 2019-20 Functional
301 Madhya Pradesh Dhar Gandhwani Gandhwani EMRS Gandhwani 2019-20 Functional
302 Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Petlawad Kardawad (Rural) EMRS Petlawad 2019-20 Functional
303 Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Meghnagar Meghnagar EMRS Meghnagar 2019-20 Functional
304 Madhya Pradesh Khargone Ziranya Jhirnya EMRS Jhiranya 2019-20 Functional


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